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Here you can find instruction videos of classes we teach at AcroYoga Moves!

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AcroYoga Beginners Videos

Beginners Flow

A beginners AcroYoga flow where you go through the following poses: Front Plank, Throne, F2S, S2F, F2S, Throne, Front Plank.

Base and flyer tips: Keep pressure in strong arms so it is easer to remove one leg for transitioning.

Base tip: Keep legs a bit bend to help flyer sit up straight when she wants to go to Throne.


This video covers the basic AcroYoga inversions.
CandleStick (Shoulders flyer on hands base & hands flyer on thighs base).
Supported Shoulderstand (Shoulders flyer on hands base & hands flyer on lower legs base).
Shoulderstand (Shoulders flyer on hands base & hands flyer on upper arms base).
Star (Shoulders flyer on feet base & hands flyer and base connected).
Free Star (Shoulders flyer on feet base & hands flyer and base disconnected).

AcroYoga Beginners+  Videos

Trapdoor Washing Machine

Reverse bird – Back Plank – Foot 2 Hand – reverse Bird

Base & Flyer: Strong arms in Reverse bird.
Base tip: Bring your feet on top of chest when flyer goes to F2H
Flyer tip: Keep straight when going from F2H to Reverse bird(base is tilting you)

Tumbleweed Washing Machine

Star – Back Plank – Foot 2 Hand – Star

AcroYoga Int / Adv Videos

4-step / 3-step / 2-step

The famous AcroYoga 4-step washing machine, stays in one plane. The video also shows harder variations by skipping steps. Watch the move to see 7 variations. Make sure you start with the normal 4-step.

Base tips: Keep pushing your flyer away form you with your legs and bend your legs to give your flyer space.

Flyer tips: Keep your shoulders in front of your hands when coming down from star as long as possible. Lift up you hips when the base needs to put a foot on the sacrum.

Down-up, Down-up

This is a washing machine made by AcroYoga Moves, we call it Down-up Down-up. It contains Ballerina’s, pops and reverse foot to hand.

Pop Flow

Front Plank – Throne – Front Plank – Back Bird – Front Plank – Reverse Star – Front Plank.

Twisty Sacral Float

An Advanced Washing Machine created by Lennert & Yvonne in 2019. They taught it the first time at Dutch AcroYoga Festival

Whipcarian Flow

An Whipcarian flow  by Lennert & Yvonne in 2022. They taught it at Dutch AcroYoga Festival

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