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Have a look around and enjoy your time! But don’t forget to connect through the real life activities we offer 😉

You’ll find a lot of information about AcroYoga in general, what’s AcroYoga all about, what to do and what not, and about the Classes, Workshops, Events, and Festivals we organise. But also AcroYoga movies and instruction videos will be found on this website.

We also offer business outings and team buildings,  and much more.

AcroYoga Classes

AcroYoga Studio Elvi

Weekly Classes

There are weekly AcroYoga classes in Leiden. The classes will be guided by Lennert Stevens and Yvonne Gravemaker, both certified Yoga and AcroYoga teachers. They will teach on multiple levels, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie, or an advanced practicioner. The classes are suitable for you!

AcroYoga Private session

Upcoming Events and Workshops

We have multiple workshops and events planned for you! Thai Massage, Thai & Fly, Beginners, Coaching Nights, Festivals. Check the Event page for more information.

Custom Teambuilding, Classes, Workshops and Retreats

We love to fullfill your desires and wishes if it comes to AcroYoga. We like to create custom programs for teambuildings and team outings, for birthdays and bachelor parties, for workshops and festivals, for Yoga Teacher Trainings, and any other coming-together activity. You name it, we create it!

We have loads of experience in teaching regular classes and workshops, and in customising programs for special requests. We’ve successfully colaborated with many different yogaschools, corporate businesses, educational programs, and private customers. We strive for memorable moments filled with fun and laughs.

AcroYoga Teambuilding

Private Sessions

Oh yes! You can book a private class or treatment with us as well. What can we serve you with? Are you looking for new Acro skills, Thai Massage or a Therapeutic Flying treatment? We’re happy to serve you!

AcroYoga Thai & Fly Workshop

Weekly Class Schedule


19:30 – 21:30

Leiden (Oude Vest)


13:00 – 17:00

Leiden (Oude Vest)

What’s and why’s of AcroYoga

AcroYoga Classes

What's AcroYoga?

AcroYoga is a superfun community-based practice that combines three different disciplines: Yoga, Partner Acrobatics, and Thai massage. Yoga connects you with yourself, and through this connection with yourself, you can connect with others through Partner Acrobatics and Thai massage. 


Why AcroYoga?

Besides the fact that AcroYoga is just full of fun, it also forms a complete practice that serves body, mind, and spirit. It not only gives you a good physical work-out, it also mirrors the themes you’re dealing with in daily life and can help you to grow and develop inner flexibility and strength. 

Meet the teachers Lennert and Yvonne

Lennert Stevens and Yvonne Gravemaker are the founders of AcroYoga Moves.

They met in 2017 on a date filled with AcroYoga. They fell in love both with eachother and with AcroYoga. Ever since they practice together as much as possible and share their passion by teaching workshops and regular. They also organise several Dutch AcroYoga Festivals a year, and participate and help the organiasation of PaascoYoga.

Besides that, they’re eager to spread their love for AcroYoga in other fields, to connect employees in corporate business with eachother, to challenge and balance students at sports academy, and so on…

If you like to read more about these passionated AcroYoga lovers, have a look here!

AcroYoga Private session

Celebrating AcroYoga with the whole community

Dutch AcroYoga Festival

Share your passion with others during Dutch AcroYoga Festival! A more days festival full of connection, fun and laughter. Every day is filled with workshops of yoga, partner acrobatics, handstands, group games, Thai massage, mantra’s and much more. This festival is held 4 times a year!


Dutch AcroYoga Festival

Dutch AcroYoga Festival

Yoga International

Take Your First Class with a special discount

We’re happy to welcome new people and let them explore this amazing practice.  If it’s you first class you can buy two classes for the price of one! (valid for a period of 4 classes in row)

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