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A play garden for adults

You might have seen them, people playing in the park or act the beach; on top and turning around each other, balancing, dancing. Chances are high that you were watching playing AcroYogi’s. While laughing, playing, and moving is in our nature, we, adults, often forgot (how to) play. With AcroYoga, this is changing. A growing group of adults is rediscovering play in the play garden for adults called AcroYoga.

AcroYoga is an international community-based practice, and so it’s super social and playful. It’s for everybody and every body. It’s a mix of yoga, partner-acrobatics, Thai Massage, and so much more. Other practices and disciplines are blending in, like dance and therapeutic practices. 

AcroYoga rollen

AcroYoga as a team practice

The 3 different roles

To practice AcroYoga you need at least two people: a flyer and a base. To practice safely and to improve faster, you’d like to have a third person involved: the spotter. The flyer and the base are doing the tricks, the spotter is there to prevent the flyer from falling.

The Base

The base carries the flyer. In AcroYoga, the base often lays on the floor, arms and legs up, and guiding with hands and feet the flyer in all kind elf directions. The base is the first spotter.

The Flyer

As a flyer, you get carried by the base on hands and feet. As a flyer you moe in all kind of directions, three-dimensional, upside down, downside up. Especially in the beginning of the AcroYoga journey it’s hard to know where you’re actually are in space.

The Spotter

The spotter is the second person that is there to keep the flyer safe, and prevent them from falling. It’s a super important role that shouldn’t taken too lightly. Besides spotting, the spotter can also coach the base and flyer, because he has often a better perspective on what’s happening.

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