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AcroYoga Classes The Hague

AcroYoga classes are being held every Thursday evening at the beautiful and spacious Studio Elvi. The class is about 2 hours and the place to connect to yourself, play with others, and have a good work-out and laugh.

Parking is free. Please, park your bicycle outside the port.

About the Classes

AcroYoga Meditation

Group connection, Meditation.

We start the class with sharing and answering a question, to break the ice and get to know each other a bit.  Then we connect with ourselves and later with others with a short meditation.

AcroYoga Warming-up

Warming-up the body

We continue with warming up the body either with Acro-Fit, Yoga or Partner Yoga. And sometimes we play a game.

Acro-Fit is a partner warming-up where you cooperate with an other student. Practices are a-like in gym, but now with a human being instead of weights.

Yoga is a guided practice on your own mat. 

Partner Yoga is a guided practice you do in combination with the other students.

Partner Acrobatics groups

Partner Acrobatics

When the body is warm we can start with the main part of class, which often is a flow or a washing machine, but could also be a theme, like inversions or more standing acrobatics. You will mostly work in groups of three or four people, so you have at least one ‘spotter’ to keep the flyer and base safe and protected from falling.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

We finish the class with some body maintenance, this can be Therapeutic Flying or Thai Massage. Therapeutic Flying is more or less a Thai Massage in the air. 

Class level and teachers 

Lennert and Yvonne are both certified Yoga and AcroYoga teachers, and have years of experience in teaching. They adapt the classes to different levels, with easier and more challenging variations of poses, washing machines and flows. Everyone will work on their own level! 

There are no prerequisites and you don’t need to bring a partner. Everyone is welcome, from beginner to well-seasoned practitioner!


AcroYoga Teachers

2 Trial Classes

Never joined our classes? We have a special price for you!


€ 20

€ 10 / class

Single Class

For if you want to join a single class.

€ 20

€ 20 / class

4x Punch Card

The 4 times punch card will be valid within 5 classes in row. 

€ 74

€ 18,50 / class

8x Punch Card

The 8 times punch card will be valid within 11 classes in row. 

€ 136

€ 17 / class

15x Punch Card (Full membership)

This consists of 15 fixed classes in a row. It’s not possible to catch up with missed classes. 

€ 210

€ 14 / class

15x Punch Card (1 year valid)

The 15 times punch card will be valid within 1 year.  

€ 255

€ 17 / class

AcroYoga Backbend

Full Members only pay € 14 a class

Buy a full membership now. This is the best option for the dedicated AcroYogi even if you miss a few classes.

€ 210 / Full Membership for 15 classes in a row


For registration, send an e-mail to & and make a banktransfer to:
Name: Studio ELVI
IBAN: NL21 KNAB 0209 772 697
Subject: AcroYoga ‘.. lesson card’ + your name.

AcroYoga fun

Studio Elvi
Sumatrastraat 265
2585CR Den Haag



Car: easy reachable from Utrechtsebaan (A4) and free parking after 17:00
Public Transport: From Central Station Den Haag you can take tram 1 or 9 

Studio Elvi

Studio Elvi


20:00 – 22:00

September 30
October 7, 28
November 4,11, 25
December 2,9, 23 

Note: it could be that few more dates will be cancelled. We will inform you as soon as possible.

Take your first 2 classes with a special discount

We’re happy to welcome new people and let them explore this amazing practice.  If it’s your first class with us, you can buy two classes for the price of one! (valid for a period of 4 classes in row)

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AcroYoga Star Pose


What Is AcroYoga?

AcroYoga is a combination of Yoga, (Partner) Acrobatics and Thai Massage.

Is AcroYoga A Cardio Workout?

No, but it will help you to get or keep in shape.

What Should I Bring?

A water bottle and a smile 🙂 For the outdoor classes warm cloths, a towel or yoga mat.

I Have No Experience, Can I Still Join?

Yes! We love new students! It’s always a pleasure to see the joy and sparkles in their eyes, doing their first tricks and poses! We’re happy to learn you the basics!

Do I Need To Be Strong For AcroYoga?

No. We will teach you to make good alignments and then it’s all about the bones that carry the weight. We call this bone-stacking, where the weight goes trough the bones without overusing the muscles.

What Should I Wear?

Anything easy and comfortable. Leggings and not too loose t-shirts will help not to get entangled. Pants without pockets is also preferable.

Do I Need To Bring A Partner?

No. There will be enough people to work with. You are more than welcome to come alone.

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